04 November 2007

Giving Marriage Counseling a Try

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I remember a friend of mine back then who always complains about her marriage being falling apart. She is not happy as things were not the same as before. They have two kids, an 11 year-old boy and a 7 year-old girl who seems to understand what is going on with their family. I have a hard time seeing my friend crying each day. I am trying to give her advise but to no use because I have never been married in the first place. I felt so sad for her because she is stressed out trying her best to work out their differences.

For months, things get worst ending up to calling the marriage off. She blames herself for not holding on so hard for her children. Her mother came for rescue, and advises her to seek help through marriage counseling which she agreed straight away. But unfortunately, her husband resent the idea. She tried to convince him for number of times for their children’s sake and at long last, got him to sit down with the counselor.

It took them 4 months to finally settle their differences and put back together their marriage for a second try. Now, I am pleased to see the smile I have never seen for a long time at my friend’s face. She can’t seem to imagine how they made it through. And glad they did.

Number of couples does not seek help because they think that private matters should remain private. Sometimes pride gets on the way. Accepting that there is a problem and seeking help is a solution, is a big step. A marriage counselor is there not to tell the couple what to do but to help them reach the best decision for both of them. Sometimes a couple needs a third person, a professional to reach realization.

Thanks to The Family and Marriage Counseling Directory for this post.


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