21 November 2007

Get Paid At Bloggerwave!

Save to Google Bookmarks!

Hey guys! I have found an additional way of getting paid thru blogging! I know many of you really want to have several incomes while experiencing the bliss of putting your thoughts into writing. And I bet, you have been searching and looking everywhere how to make money out of it.

Here's bloggerwave, they give you opportunity to monetize your blog at no cost from you. Signing up is very easy and sooner enough, you can start writing for them and gain some bucks! I really never imagined that finally, time had come I can be paid simply by doing what I like.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start making money out of blogging! And more than the green bucks, doing a review, a campaign or a buzz is cool!


Jan said...

I am curious about Bloggerwave. I have read bad and good things about it but none of it seems to be first hand info. Have you gotten paid by them yet? If so how do they pay - check, PayPal or ? If you did get paid how long did you have to wait? Most of the negative things I have read are about the long wait for being paid.

Richelle said...

hello! tnx for posting a comment. I just signed up with bloggerwave and this is my first post for them and I have not receive any payment yet. For payment, you can select either paypal or check.

They change their website and promised for more improvements... I hope so.

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