01 November 2007

Reviving RN Stuff!

Save to Google Bookmarks! When my Nurses Thoughts blog became Google PageRank 3/10, I decided to delete my other nursing blog which is RN Stuff because I was not able to maintain and update it. But when I checked its PageRAnk it is 2/10! I was not that aware that still, RN Stuff has visitors. Even if I almost forgot that I own that one! So what I did was, I revived it. I change the template, make it pleasant to look and easy to navigate. I also invite friends as co authors who are in medical fields as well to write and share their experiences in their respective fields.

As of now, RN Stuff is still having some make over and sooner it will also be one of the blogs you would enjoy visiting!


Anonymous said...

glad you did that...i will be visiting the site often.

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