27 November 2007

Protecting Myself From Danger

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I always imagine myself being able to have skills in self-defense techniques. Being an independent woman, I do sometimes feel frightened walking down the street on my own at night. As a nurse, I don’t have a choice but to work on a different shifts and that includes night duty. I really wanted to enrol in a martial arts class for a close combat training to at least make me feel confident that I can protect myself in danger.

Why I choose to learn martial arts? Well, the truth about martial arts is that, it is a well developed form of fighting techniques which is very easy to learn especially by women. And learning close combat training can also teach me a sense of discipline as well.

In this crazy world we have, I have to be extra cautious and alert at all times. As much as possible, I don’t have to trust people around me to the great extend. I am not trying to act as paranoid but after all we don’t have nine lives to live.


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