08 November 2007

Criminal Minds

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Besides PRISON BREAK , which I love so much and now on its Season 3 Episode 7 in the USA, I also can't wait to watch new episodes of Criminal Minds. They are on their third season (now on episode 6) and still I like the show like the first time I watched it. CRIMINAL MINDS is about an elite team of the BAU or Behavioral Analysis Unit of FBI in Cuantico who handles not so ordinary criminals with a twisted minds or with psychotic problems. They analyzes the next move of the UNSUB (unknown subject)before it happens. If you love psych nursing like me, definitely you will crave for this show for more!
Each episode is breath taking and worth to watch til the end. Especially when the group are profiling the unsub sharing their own expertise, identifying the criminal's triggering emotion in attempt to stop them, and giving the police the behavioral pattern, which really makes me dream to become a profiler of BAU. The crime scenes are very interesting and unique. It doesn't really bore me. I adore each character like Dr Reid and JJ. And before or after each cases they solved, they will always leave a words to ponder which is I think, gives the show a HEART. Watch it so that you will feel the thrill!

Do you want to know if you can be a BAU profiler too? click the picture above!


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of criminal minds too! ganda talaga every episode!

Anonymous said...

i looove criminal minds and without a trace too!

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