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05 November 2007

I Know Myself Better!

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Every time I watch Pinoy Big Brother, I often relate to what the housemates are experiencing. It is very difficult to settle in an environment with limitations and strict rules. I am talking about when I was working at AL Gassim Region. Unfortunately, I was placed in a hospital located at a very strict region and are very conservative. Unlike, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, I cannot go out anytime I want. Two hours of shopping twice a week is the least I had and covering my face exposing only the eyes doing the shopping is one of the hardest part.

I am not discouraging everyone not to try working in KSA. I am just sharing what I had experienced. Talking to male (in a friendly manner), loud laughing, taking pictures anywhere, keeping a rosary and some more which will take me a novel to enumerate are prohibited[...]

But beyond that restrictions was a great experience I gained for myself, professionally and personally. I learned how to appreciate the little freedom I enjoyed while shopping for two hours. I learned how to give attention to small details about myself and my environment. I learned to value friendship and trust. I discovered my strengths and my weaknesses. I know myself better.

I remember when I was in college and we had this little game in my psychiatric nursing. The rule was one should stand in the middle and everyone surrounds that person would describe another person in the group and the one at the center should guess who that person is. It was my turn to be in the center...They are describing a person which I have difficulty in guessing (which in the end I did not really guessed it.) And turned out that the person they are trying to described was me.

It struck me. I wasn't able to know me. I was ashamed not knowing anything about myself...

After King Saud Hospital, I am a different person. I can describe myself better than having a long straight hair, tall, timid, and sweet...


bim bim said...

so inspiring po.

Anonymous said...

Ive bib to KSA before too. you need alot of sacrifices to survive there. But you're right, experience can nevr be replaced by anything. Glad I went to Saudi and tried working there.

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