23 November 2007

Puzzled with a PUZZLE!

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I had a final job interview yesterday (after that whole day english tests, essays, and a loooot more!) with the assistant training officer. I wanted to try working in an environment which is new to my profession (I will keep it a secret for now... :-) ). Anyways, the interview went well but he had given me (actually all of those he interviewed) my last test. And my gosh! It was a mechanical puzzle and he wanted me to solve it. I really tried thinking hard and I felt that my brain cells started to swell! Honestly, I never had that kind of puzzle before, all I know was a jigsaw and a picture puzzles! Well, I just pretended that I had some solution in my mind well in fact, I have no damn idea how to remove that ring placed in between a handcuffs!

To have an idea, here is the picture of the mechanical puzzle he let me try to solved: [...] Well, until I gave up. I guess I look so idiot in front of him and he solved it by hiding his hands under the table to keep me from seeing the solution. And he showed me that the two items were separated and then he returned the ring again in between the handcuffs. I was so curious with the solution so I searched it on the Internet and I felt dumb knowing how easy that f****** puzzle to solve! Click here to see the solution. My gosh! I was ashamed thinking how the other applicant solved it as I heard her telling it to her friend who was waiting for her at the reception area. Hahaha!

In the end, I am glad to discover that kind of challenge. At least I learned something new yesterday. And by the way, in case you want to know, I was hired and soon I will be starting to work with them, if I wont change my mind... -:)


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