03 November 2007

CPR and Using AED

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Watch this demo video which I think is very helpful to refresh our CPR courses. The scene was inside the hospital while one of the visitors collapsed at the nurse station. There is one scene that the responder (who is a nurse) told her staff to call '911'. There are comments on you tube that why they need to call 911 if they are in the hospital. I think they mean about 911 is the hospital's code blue team. In some facilities, when someone is in cardiac arrest there is a number they have to call to activate emergency respond system. Some code it as "911", '188","code blue" depending on the hospital protocol. Then the team will come to assist and help.

Well, that is just my opinion. I guess better watch it and tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

hi, very informative! hoping you will post more like this

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