08 November 2007

Why is There a Need for Healthcare Insurance?

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When I was new to this application of nurses as an immigrants in the USA, people who talks about this subject matter, like the immigration lawyers, often discuss too, the reasons why migrating to USA is the best option. One motivation they emphasize is the Healthcare Insurance privileges of the nurses. I have my own healthcare coverage here in the Philippines and to be honest, it does not help that much. They said that the healthcare insurance system in the USA is one of the bests in the world.

Thinking really deeper, why people really spend money for different types of insurances made me a realization. That it is because of the increasing costs of most of the commodities and services like funeral services or hospitalization. And in the near future we may never afford to send ourselves in any healthcare facilities for treatment.

Finding the right medical care is quite difficult. People have different insurance needs and we all wanted to find a healthcare medical cheaper coverage for ourselves, and for our family. We need to be very careful in choosing and investing in a certain insurance company. We have to look for stability, good reputation, strong tract record when considering for one. Ask for flexible insurance programs and we make sure that the ones we are getting will cover everything we want.

An anticipated solution for future problems is one good attitude we have to exercise because nowadays, life seems so difficult, indeed.


Anonymous said...

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Richelle said...

fon, thank you so much for reading my articles. Hope u visit my blog again!

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