08 November 2007

I Miz Davao and My Friends!

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Moving on with life for whatever reasons means leaving behind some precious part of our lives. Like close friends. They are my closest friends ever. But we have to part ways to give way to each others dream and aspirations. All of us are nurses. AA will be migrating to Australia with his family. The 5 of us are nclex passers. Gold who is now in Wisconsin. KR is in California. Carlo and Elda are in Davao but soon to be in California too. And I am here in the capital city trying to have a new adventure and hopefully will be in New Jersey soon.
We may never see each other as a group for such a long time but in our hearts we believe that there will come a time that we can do all over again those good times we had.
Having conversation with them in a local coffee shop in beloved city, Davao makes my day complete!
I miz Davao! I miz u guys!


Anonymous said...

yeah... so sad to think that sometimes things will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

i miss you too girl...soon we'll see each other again..promise..i love you

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